Lawmakers push for safe travel conditions for pets on airlines

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Recent controversy surrounding the treatment of pets on airlines has passengers thinking twice before bringing their pets on their flight.

This week, a bill was announced that could make things safer for our four-legged friends.

For now passengers are looking for last minute boarding as they head out for their holiday vacations. Tuxedos K-9 Training Camp in Irondequoit, a dog daycare center, says they have been filling up quick.

“We have seen an influx of a lot of clients that are taking spring break vacations that typically would have taken their dogs with them, deciding they are not going to travel with their dogs” said owner Mark Forrest Patrick.

He says they are booked for the next three months but after the recent events, this comes at no surprise.

Patrick adds if you are somebody who won’t go anywhere without your pet there are some things to consider first.

“Make sure you make a reservation with the airline, call the airline and get names and specifics as to what size you can have your dog in and make sure that the carrier that you’re going to carry is going to fit underneath the seat.” said Patrick. “The other thing that is important now is to make sure that the carrier is your one piece of luggage.”

Currently pets are considered as a piece of luggage. If something were to happen to your pet on a plane, you’re only entitled to the value of your pet as a piece of property.

Recently a bill was filed in Senate that would increase protection for animals aboard a plane and grant them access to food, water and medications. The bill would apply for all New York airlines and would also require airline employees to be trained in pet safety.

We reached out to multiple airlines for information on their policies and regulations when it comes to pets.

Policies and procedures regarding pets on airlines



Jet Blue




“We are reviewing our requirements with the goal of protecting our team members and our customers who have a real need for a trained service or support animal. Unfortunately, untrained animals can lead to safety issues for our team, our passengers and working dogs onboard our aircraft. We will continue to support the rights of customers, from veterans to people with disabilities, with legitimate needs. From 2016 to 2017, American experienced an increase of over 40 percent in customers who transported a service or support animal.

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