Landscaping explodes in popularity amid stay-at-home orders

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The landscaping business is essential in these uncertain times according to the New York State workforce mandate and many people are taking advantage. Business is up for some and others are taking matters into their own hands with do-it-yourself projects. 

 “We are happy to meet them halfway,” said Jessica DeMasio, sales manager at Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care, “and deliver the materials that they might need to take care of their yards.” 

DeMasio says their entire business model and operations have changed. “Only one person per truck, there’s no meetings, there’s no rendezvous in the morning, most of the time they’re coming straight to the job site.” 

Lawn care and other yard maintenance can require a certain amount of treatment at certain times as the weather continues to turn warmer. That is one of a few other reasons why landscaping is necessary during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. “Any of the maintenance in your gardens like keeping things pruned for clearance, keeping things off buildings or down from lights, or so people can pull out of their driveways.” 

A large portion of work has been to simply clear leaves from lawns. Work was really put on pause after Rochester got a dose of heavy snow in the middle to early part of November. Nearly a foot of snow put an end to fall maintenance, so many are catching up.  
For those ahead of schedule, it is important to hold off from planting annuals as we can still see a significant frost. The focus is cleaning beds, edging, and mulching. “If you do let it grow, it becomes a much bigger project, to get an overgrown situation back under control,” said DeMascio.  

It is also important to wait on mowing until the grass reaches 2-3″ in height. 

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