IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — Some residents off of Lake Ontario are saying their evenings are being ruined by “boat parties” that anchor just off-shore and blast loud, profanity-laced music.

These “sunset soirées” are so disruptive, residents on the beach north of Sea Breeze are asking for something to be done.

“You get this … just about every night,” says Jeff Pauly whose home borders the lake.

He says these kinds of things should be at the public beach, not near a lake resident’s backyard.

Pauly and a host of other residents say the almost daily ritual of these boat parties are things their families don’t need to be experiencing. 

“Stuff that you really don’t want your kids to listen to, and there’s not a lot we can do about it,” he said.

Pauly says he’s called the town, the police, and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for help, upwards of 20 times the past month. 

“Nothing seems to be taken care of — nothing’s happening,” he said.

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A statement from Irondequoit Town Supervisor Dave Seeley said:

“We work very hard to balance the need to allow people to enjoy the water with the need it doesn’t impact the quality of life of those living near the water. We have recently taken action to enforce  the hours of access to the town operated beach in Sea Breeze and will continue to work with our county and state partners to ensure that summer at the Irondequoit waterfront is fun, but in a manner that doesn’t cross the line between recreation and nuisance.”

Pauly says the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office used to patrol the waves here, but that was not very effective. Pauly says when law enforcement approaches a loud boat party,

“They turn it down, and when the boat pulls away, they turn it right up again,” he said.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office did say all of this would fall under their Marine Unit Patrol jurisdiction. They’re asking residents like Pauly to call 911 so they can respond. Pauly’s hoping before summer is out, action is taken to close down the booming boat parties. 

“Yeah, I think all the people who live here on the beach would like to see something happen,” he said.