The LadderzUp Workforce Training Program is helping businesses fill good paying jobs and families in Monroe County get back to work.

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo discussed the program and its success rate Wednesday morning during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“The idea was one that came from our business community,” explained Dinolfo. “I visited hundreds of businesses throughout Monroe County asking them, what can we do to be helpful to have your company succeed and expand, stay in Rochester and employ our local families? And overwhelmingly, the number one concern that businesses had was that they had good paying, skills based, career opportunities for local people, local families in our community, and they were having a difficult time recruiting and attracting local people into our local companies. So, when we met with companies locally, we said, what do you need, what kind of programs do you need, what kind of employees do you need? And then we partnered with MCC to make sure that MCC had programs available to train people here in the community, and then those trained employees would then be partnered with local companies that had jobs available. So it’s been a real win-win for our local companies and certainly our local families as well.”

So far, LadderzUp has exceeded its goals. “Over the last year we’ve worked with over 30 local companies, and we had a first year goal of 45 recruits – that would be people in our community looking to work with these companies,” said Dinolfo. “And in the last year alone we’ve been able to train and fully employ over 100 local people here in Monroe County. So these are great, great careers. So we’re talking about Datto, Delphi Technologies, we’re talking about plastic mold injecting companies, we’re talking about Ambrell Corporation – really, really great companies that are here in Monroe County. But not only that – not only are we fulfilling the company’s needs here locally – but as we go on the road and we look to have businesses move to Monroe County, this is an opportunity that we offer them as well. So, why does a company want to come to Monroe County? Well, you know what, we can help the companies get the things that they need, and one of the top concerns that they have are a highly trained, highly motivated workforce, and we have that here in Rochester and we want to make sure that the local companies have the trained employees that they need as well.”

Dinolfo said LadderzUp is unique to our region. “We have a very, very aggressive approach. There’s no company that we turn down. If you want to meet with us, we’re going to go out and meet with you as well. We work, certainly, with our community partners. We sit down and we figure out what does the company need and we aggressively go after that company to make sure that they have the tools that they need, the skilled workforce that they need – not only to help those local companies grow and those companies moving into Rochester decide to locate here – but equally important, to make sure that our local people, our local families have the best opportunity to succeed here at home in Monroe County.”

If you’re looking to use the training to find a better job, contact Monroe Community College to see what classes are currently available, visit

If you’re with a company looking to get involved with LadderzUp, click here and search ‘Workforce Development.’

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