ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Kids and teens in the Rochester area were surprised Christmas morning, all thanks to the ROC Freedom Riders.

“We wanted to give away bikes for the holiday to get more students, kids, youth, young folk, teens, on bicycles, as we prepare for the spring season, but really as a way for us to show love during the holidays, knowing there are so many families, with or without, whether they have it or they don’t, we just want to be able to show our love and appreciation,” Rashad Smith, the Co-Founder of ROC Freedom Riders said.

Bikes for the Holidays program delivered new bicycles in the downtown area after raising $3,000 to purchase the bikes.

Smith called transportation equity “critical” in black and brown communities.

“Understanding that there is work being done to refocus infrastructure and pedestrian pathways in the city of Rochester and knowing that black and brown kids will have the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of that, like the benefits of cycling, health benefits, and just being equipped with a bicycle so when these changes start happening in Rochester, they already got a bike and they can take advantage of that infrastructure,” Smith said.

ROC Freedom Riders is a for-impact bicycle movement that promotes equity and access to opportunities for the Black and Brown residents in Rochester, that was founded in 2020. The group also helps companies communicate progress for equity and inclusion initiatives.

The group will be holding another Bike giveaway in Martin Luther King day in 2022. They plan to give out another 20 bikes then.

For more information on ROC Freedom Riders and how you can donate, you can visit their website.