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Kick up heels at "Boots & Barrels"

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) - "Boots & Barrels" is back for a second year to support the riding program at Heritage Christian Stables.

This year's event will be held Saturday, June 9 beginning at 5:30 p.m. at Heritage Christian Stables on Salt Road in Webster.

Melinda Andolina, a Board member with Heritage Christian Services and the Chairwoman for "Boots & Barrels," and Samantha Schaubroek, the Riding Coordinator at Heritage Christian Stables, discussed the event and the riding program Monday during News 8 at Noon.

"It was a great event last year and we're building on it this year," said Andolina. "You pull into the stables on Salt Road, and you will see a beautiful, big white tent, and it looks like a classy hoe-down. There is bistro lighting underneath. There are big, rustic barrels with white linens. The pastures are beautiful. The green grass is lush. You'll see this little nugget of a farm just transformed into this beautiful event. There's craft beer that we're going to be featuring, with five of our local breweries. We've got Knucklehead, Naked Dove, Three Heads, Genesee Brewery and Lost Borough joining us. And not only -- like you said -- is this the second year the barrels are there, but now we've got root beer tasting and a root beer float station. We'll be tasting some Finger Lakes wine with wine-tasting as well."

There will be instructional line dancing and games too! All of this fun is planned to benefit the riding program at Heritage Christian Stables. "We offer therapeutic horseback riding for adults and children with disabilities," said Schaubroek. "Plenty of information can be found on our website. What can't be found there are the connections and the friendships forged within those farm walls. There are horses, rides and volunteers coming together, working for goals and having fun. It's the connections. I really love that this event is happening at our property. It really ties it all together."

Climbing up on a horse and going for a ride can be life-changing. "I think it's therapeutic for everybody involved," Schaubroek said. "You get the physical aspect, obviously. The horse? Its movements mimic the human's gait. You get a spiritual and emotional bond with the horse. They're nonjudgmental and impartial. They're there for you. You work with the volunteers -- who are your moral support and cheerleaders -- and you have your instructor who's there guiding you as well. It works all together."

Reserve your tickets for "Boots & Barrels" by Tuesday, May 29 by visiting the Heritage Christian Services website, click here


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