This year’s ROC Tech Conference is set for Thursday, September 6 at the Floreano Riverside Convention Center in Rochester from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Organizer Justin Copie, the CEO for Innovative Solutions, and Bob Duffy, the President & CEO for the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, discussed the event and Rochester’s technology talent Tuesday during News 8 at Sunrise.

“This is Rochester’s absolute premier tech conference,” said Copie. “There’s no conference like this in town. This is everyone’s opportunity to get a real glimpse into tech trends and to see what the Rochester community is doing by way of technology, specifically information technology. People won’t want to miss it.”

The ROC Tech Conference will feature two accomplished keynote speakers – Alex Banayan, author of ‘The Third Door’ and Kristen Hadeed. “This guy has been all over the place,” said Copie of Banayan. “He actually hacked ‘The Price is Right’ and wrote this book that ultimately went on to get all kinds of acclaim. But he ended up interviewing the world’s most successful people and unlocking a lot of the secrets to what it takes to be successful. And Kristen Hadeed, who’s actually with Simon Sinek and his team and the ‘Start With Why’ movement – she ended up agreeing to come out to Rochester as well and we’re so, so fortunate to have both of them leading off keynotes both in the morning and afternoon for us.”

Duffy described Rochester as a technology hub. “The talent we have is immense based on our universities and colleges. Our talent, Justin being part of that talent – last year he led a tech conference in Rochester that was like standing room only. It was an amazing event. This is the second year. We hope every year it gets bigger and bigger. I think it’s a great lineup and great day and I would encourage everybody to come. It’s really going to be an event worth coming to. If you look at one of our core strengths in business it is technology. We have so many hidden gems here. People don’t realize, and we often say, it’s like the Silicon Valley of the East, and we’re sometimes very understated, but the talent is there and I think this conference will be a great way to show it off.”

For those vested in technology as a business owner, executive or trying to get a start up launched, Copie said the ROC Tech Conference will deliver vital information. “We often talk about technology changing so rapidly and we’re in a community here that is so tech centric. This is an opportunity for anyone – a business owner, an executive of a company, a CIO, an IT director, somebody who’s ultimately running or owning a startup – to come and understand really what’s relevant today because if you’re not staying current with what’s going on in technology you become irrelevant very, very quickly.”

To register for the ROC Tech Conference, go to the event website at