Dr. Luis Postigo saw a need in the Rochester area for a doctor who could visit elderly patients at their homes. He noticed the difficulty seniors had with getting into the office.

He says that everything that could be done at the office can also be done at home. So, he thought he could flip the script by coming to see seniors that were 65 and older.

He found that this didn’t just benefit the patient.

“To see them at home, you see them in their environment. You are able to treat their problems more effectively because you know how they really are, “said Dr. Luis Postigo.

The last thing you want to do when you’re sick is to get dressed and go outside to see a doctor. So that’s why Peg Galvin decided to find the doctor who comes to her.

Peg Galvin says she loves it because he sets it all up, and makes it convenient for her. Not to mention, she gets to stay at home.

Dr. Postigo has been treating Galvin for four years. He says by going to her home it becomes more personal– at home, he’s her guest.

“I know her hobbies, what she likes, what she doesn’t,” said Dr. Luis Postigo. “Medically, it’s more like a conversation. It’s what she wants to do and exposes the options and she chooses.”

And now he will be helping even more patients as he expands his services into parts of Wayne County.

Including the following locations:

Ontario, Williamson, East Williamson, Pultneyville, Marion, Walworth and Macedon.