The jury in the Charlie Tan murder trial has been dimissed by 4:30 every day since they began deliberating.  But on Wednesday, the judge asked that they continue to work into the evening.  Jurors deliberated until 9 p.m., finally telling the judge they were exhausted and no longer being productive.   The judge dismissed them for the night, and ordered them back to court at 9 am Thursday.
Earlier, the jury requested a list of the names of all 30 prosecution witnesses yesterday, and they are making good on that request. So far, jurors have asked for testimony read back from eight of them. 
It’s become a waiting game like Monroe County Prosecutor Bill Gargan has never played before.
“I don’t have experience with a jury out this long, nor do my peers. It’s extraordinarily rare to have a jury deliberate for this long,” says Gargan. 
7 days, roughly 45 hours, and still no decision in the Charlie Tan murder trial.
Wednesday, jurors asked to hear the testimony read back from multiple witnesses. None were defense witnesses. 
Read backs included testimony from Monroe County Deputy Christopher Reynolds. He testified that on February 9, 2015, Jim Tan’s body smelled of decay. That plays to Gargan’s case because he believes Charlie killed his father some four days earlier. Still, defense attorneys remain optimistic. 
The Judge can give extra time through the end of the week, or read the Allen charge again should the jury indicate it can’t reach a decision. However, that isn’t something this jury has hinted at again since Tuesday’s revelation.
This is the longest either attorney has had to wait for a verdict, but at no point will the judge rush this process or put a time line on deliberations.

If the jury cannot reach a verdict. The judge can declare a mistrial and a new trial date with a whole new jury will be scheduled.