ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As jurors prepare for a weeks-long trial for the man accused of shooting and killing Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz, it might have you wondering how they’re compensated for their service.

Earlier this week, a juror was dismissed after he told the judge that, if he served, there would be financial hardship on himself and his family. Sandra Doorley, the District Attorney for Monroe County, even noted that it’s difficult if you’re the breadwinner for the family and your employer isn’t paying.

Although it is encouraged by the state, employers are not required to pay your full daily wage while you serve as a juror. The daily fee is $40, whether that be paid by the state or your employer. Who pays, depends on the size of your employer.

An employer with more than 10 employees, has to pick up the $40 daily tab for the first three days of jury service.

If your place of employment has 10 or fewer employees, if you are self-employed, or if you are unemployed, the state will pay you. If your daily wage is less than the fee, the state will make up the difference.

After the three days are up, your employer stops paying you the $40 and it is then up to the state to continue paying you for each day you report in. However, the state will allow you to use paid leave during jury duty so you won’t lose any wages.

In addition, your employer can’t change your schedule to punish you or to force you to make up for lost time. It is also illegal if your employer forces you to use personal time, vacation, or sick time during your time as a juror. After you finish jury duty for a day, your employer cannot schedule you on a full shift that same evening.

If an employer violates any of these rules, they may be prosecuted by the Office of the Attorney General.

For those looking for more information and resources regarding jury duty, you can visit Monroe County’s Daily Juror Information website by clicking here.