Jose Torres, the man found guilty for a second time of the murder of Miguel Danny Cruz, has again been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Torres was initially serving his sentence for Cruz’s murder in 2001 when another inmate, Angel Carrasquillo, confessed in 2015 to the murder.

Torres’ conviction was set aside in 2016 and he was retried for charges of second degree murder.

Prosecuters say the evidence showed that Torres confessed to friends within hours after the murder, and Torres then confessed to members of the Rochester Police Department a day after the murder.

In his confession to the police, Torres gave details about the murder, such as that he used a .38 caliber gun and that he fired four bullets.

In addition, Torres directed police to the spot in the Genesee River where he said he threw the murder weapon. The police later recovered .38 caliber bullets at that location in the river.

Ultimately, Torres was again found guilty of second degree murder.

“Jose Torres executed Miguel Danny Cruz on July 4, 2001 as he innocently enjoyed the holiday with family and friends. As a result of his actions, Jose Torres could remain incarcerated the remainder of his life,” said Assistant District Attorney Michael Bezer.

In 2016, a grand jury indicted Angel Carrasquillo as an accomplice to the murder of Cruz. His trial is expected to occur in 2017.