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Jeanne Coon receives Golden Apple

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The gymnasium at Dansville Primary School should have been louder.

Around 200 elementary students were lining the walls.

Many in the crowd had had Jeanne Coon as a Pre-K teacher.

They knew this was a surprise so they kept their pitch to a murmur, which in the elementary world is dead silent.

It didn’t take long for Coon to arrive.

She hesitated at the door.

She knew something was off.

Upon entry, the crowd erupted.

She saw the plaque, thenher children and grandchildren and knew then she was a Golden Apple award winner.

Her eyes welled up.

“She’s extremely dedicated to each of her students and not just her students but the staff all around her,” said fellow teacher Chuck Marone.

Marone and several other teachers had filled out the Golden Apple nominating form.

“When I student taught the teacher I student taught with told me teachers are born, not made and she told me I was born to be a teacher,” Coon said. “You want to change lives and you do, every day, it’s a wonderful profession, it really is.”

Coon will be leaving the profession in a few weeks.

She’s retiring and she wasn’t shy about sharing the long-held wish to win a Golden Apple award.

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