LYONS, N.Y. (WROC-TV) — It’s still lights out at the Canal Side Mobile Home Park in Lyons. The town cut the power off on July 12 due to safety concerns, citing naked wires, power surges, and antiquated equipment. Although visible work can be seen taking place to make repairs to get the power back on, there are other issues surfacing.

A resident who spoke to News 8 says they had their own waste get discharged under their home for two months every time the toilet was flushed. The problem was never fixed, even after making management aware multiple times. The raw sewage, coupled with not having power in the high heat, drove the resident to become temporarily homeless. They are considering filing a lawsuit.

In a statement, the State Health Department says they are “aware of the complaint relating to sewage at the park, and (we are) working with the operator to resolve the issue in a timely fashion.”

Richard Bogan, the Lyons Code Enforcer, also confirmed the existence of the exposed sewage. He says the owner of the park, Phil Provenzano, has made a “commitment to get the power on in the park by July 30th.” Additionally, there can be no community generator installed because it would need to connect to the current power source, which is unsafe.

Mike Jamison, a spokesman from New York State Gas and Electric, says they did install a new pole and some wires, but it is ultimately up to the owner of the park to make repairs on the property itself before they can go any further.

There is no additional word on the sewage situation. The park owner asked not to be contacted for further comment.