ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Sunday, all faiths in Rochester came together to pray for peace for the ongoing violence in the Middle East.

News 8 spoke with leaders, and explained what it means to them to create a narrative of peace.

“We’re here to recreate new love in a situation that has wrecked peace,” United Methodist Church Pastor Dr. Marlowe Vn. Washington said.

The Islamic Center of Rochester is welcoming those of all faith in the Rochester community to pray for peace as the ongoing violence in the Middle East continues.

Rabbi David Abrahams says gatherings like this show the strong community support that’s here.

“Interfaith alliances are part of the heart and fabric of the Rochester community,” Rabbi Abrhams said. “Here, we are greeting each other with hugs and prayers and across the world, we’re greeting each other with bombs, bullets and rhetoric.”

Sunday, faith leaders share what’s needed is nothing more than peace, adding that violence is not the answer.

“It’s all about staying united,” Islamic Center of Rochester President Zaka Ansari said. “Give our thoughts, you know. Peace is the most important thing. War is not the solution.”

Those in the congregation say in order to put an end to the violence, they are encouraging people to join together instead of remaining separate because of differing views.

“Whether you’re Israeli, whether you’re Palestinian, you’re Muslim, Christian, you know Jew, it has to start with justice for everyone,” Islamic Center of Rochester Member Zia Masoom told News 8.

Rochester faith leaders say their doors are always open for those who wish to continue to pray for peace.