WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Supply chain issues are affecting mothers nearly everywhere — baby formula is running low on shelves, both nationally and locally.

Webster moms Karlie Colosimo and Rachel Hackett say this has been a growing problem over the past six months.

“My two babies are on different things and both of them are having a hard time finding each of their formulas,” Hackett said.

The two moms are trying to work around it with the help of a Facebook group they created a few years ago. Tiny Humans of Rochester Item Exchange has reached almost 10,000 members.

The goal is to join arms with local parents, help them find what they need, and pay it forward.

“We are blown away every day by the amount that’s donated to other households,” Colosimo said.

In the meantime, local pediatrician Sarah Collins-McGowan says parents may have to switch brands.

It could cause some tummy issues, but those nutrients are crucial.

“For babies who have more specialized needs, gastrointestinal issues, or something like that…that’s something parents work closely with either their child’s doctor or some specialist,” she said.

McGowan also cautions against two very risky mistakes that could land your infant in the ER: don’t thin down your formula with water, and don’t go making your own.

“Their kidneys are really maturing so they need the exact right formulation,” she said.

With no clear answer on when supply chain issues will resolve, these two Webster moms just want to help.

You can always turn to your neighbor, in times of need.

“It’s so encouraging to see families give what they have, or post they have seen extra cans of formula at Tops or Wegmans,” Hackett said.

Click here to visit the Tiny Humans of Rochester Item Exchange Facebook group.