The Greece Police Department confirms it is investigating a missing child report late Thursday into early Friday morning involving the son of an off-duty Rochester Police Investigator.

Several police agencies were called to help look for that child, including State Troopers and a K-9 unit.

Chief Patrick Phelan told News 8 his officers were called around 2:30 a.m. to a home on Sherri Ann Lane for reports of a missing 3-year-old child. 

When his officers arrived at that home, Phelan said the people inside appeared to be intoxicated and were not cooperative with police. 

According to Phelan, someone handed home surveillance video over to police, which depicted a man walking with the reportedly missing child out of the house. 

The child’s father, a Rochester Police Investigator who was off-duty during the party, admitted that it was indeed him in the video walking with his son. 

Phelan said police escorted the father, who appeared to be intoxicated, to his home, where they found the 3-year-old boy safe and asleep in his bed. He added the father did not recall how his son was able to get home.

Child Protective Services was called by Greece Police after the incident. Phelan said there was no probable cause to file charges against the father. 

Both Greece and Rochester Police Departments are now holding internal investigations into the matter.

Rochester Police did not answer questions about the incident on Saturday, though a department spokesperson acknowledged media inquiries, and said the department is in the process of gathering further information.