Instacart releases new safety measures but workers will still strike

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) —  A nationwide strike of all Instacart workers is still planned for Monday, with workers calling Instacart’s new safety measures not enough.

Instacart shoppers like Elyse Wolfe are busy as many people staying home turn to the app for grocery needs.

“It is getting a lot busier, they’re trying to hire more Instacart shoppers to keep up with the demand so it’s putting a little stress on us that are full-time shoppers and delivers.” Elyse Wolfe, who has been shopping for Instacart for a year.

While shoppers are still going in stores, filling up their orders, and delivering to customers, the virus is changing the interaction between users.

“Most customers are opting for not having the face to face interaction. Having us leave it in their garage, leaving it on their doorstep. I just keep hand sanitizer with me so I’m constantly sanitizing my hands,” said Jason Hiser, a part-time shopper of two years.

The crisis has lead workers to call for a nationwide strike on Monday. They’re asking for better protections from the coronavirus, as well as hazard pay and personal protective equipment.

Hours before the proposed strike, Instacart leaders released new health & safety supplies for the shopper community.

They say the have already put in place things like retroactive sick pay for in-store shoppers, extended pay for all shoppers, a “leave at my door delivery” flexible delivery option, and a new COVID-19 bonus to increase pay.

Sunday they released new measures including sourcing, manufacturing, and are distributing hand sanitizer. They have also launched a new customer tip default setting.

But the Gig Workers Collective & Instacart Shoppers, groups representing the workers, say the strike is still on, some like Hiser thinking the measures are too late.

“It’s nice but it seems like it’s a little late in the game for that,” said Hiser.

Wolfe, however, says she will still help out when she can.

“I’m not going to stop, I’m going to keep helping people get their groceries so I’m not taking part in that strike,” said Wolfe.

As of now, that nationwide strike is still planned for all day Monday and Instacart Shoppers and the Gig Workers Collective say workers will not return to work until all demands are met.

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