A service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) is being exploited by thieves.
Informed Delivery sends users notifications about packages and letters scheduled to arrive, however, thieves are using it to find out when the mail will arrive.
It happens when they sign up for the service using your name and address in conjunction with their email.
They then get notifications about when to expect a package or important piece of mail.
News 8 reached out to USPS for comment. They told us few customers have been impacted, but insist the program is safe to sign up for.
News 8 then went to GreyCastle Security ask how customers can protect themselves.
They said simply signing up is the best way to protect yourself.
“Even if you sit on it and do nothing with the account, at least you’ll have set up the account so no one else can register in your name,” Sean Phillips with GreyCastle said.
They also suggest signing up each member of your family that can receive mail, since more than one person in a household can use the service.

There is also an option to opt-out.
For more information on Informed Delivery, click here.