CHARLOTTE, N.Y. (WROC) — This Fourth of July, Monroe County Sheriffs and Rochester Police patrols are stepping up their presence at Ontario Beach Park in Charlotte. The park has been the site of large crowds and violence over the years.

In previous years, patrols have closed off access once the beach has reached a certain capacity due to crowd control and concerns of safety this time of year. 

Patrols on the water and on land are a familiar sight along the pier at Ontario Beach Park, who are making sure beach-goers have a safe Fourth of July.

During the day Monday, crowds were much different compared to what some regulars see and hear at night.

“It’s busy down here at night. I’ve come down just to go to other places. It’s busy, it’s packed. I don’t hangout here too much at night,” said Larry Steed of Gates. 

At Pelican’s Nest Restaurant, owner Terry Testa says he’s seen more patrols out and about. He says his business has been able to avoid raucous crowds and drag racing. The extra presence, he says, gives peace of mind.

“They cruise through and sometimes they’ll come in and ask, ‘How’s everything going?’ It’s a good thing. I like when they cruise through. It’s good to see that. Or, even when you go down to the beach and see some enforcement, you feel safer,” said Testa. 

As families prepare their cookouts and look to have a relaxing holiday by the water, others visiting for the first time in a while say they’re pleased to see the extra security.

“There have been different stories about things happening and so we haven’t come out a lot. But, this is a nice change of pace and better than I expected it to be. I think it just makes us feel better that that’s something law enforcement is paying attention to and keeping a handle on,” said Adrienne Quintero of Rochester. 

A number of waterfront businesses in Charlotte are closed for the holiday. They’ll open back up to customers Tuesday and later this week.