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John Hutchings of Healthy Edge Media discussed three techniques to improve your mental approach to exercise Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

“There are three simple techniques you can use to be successful with creating an exercise routine,” Hutchings said.  “The first is practice viewing exercise as an opportunity.  Train your self talk to be a tool to reinforce your decision to exercise.  Whenever the thought of exercise pops into your head, consciously follow that thought with affirmations of the benefits that regular exercise brings to your life.  It can seem awkward and a little forced, but with practice, you can actually condition positive thoughts and feelings about exercise.  For example, practice viewing the time left on the treadmill as a dwindling precious commodity, not a period of struggle you have to endure.”

Hutchings said the second technique is to choose a specific goal along with a strategy to achieve it.  “When you begin the process of creating a strong mental approach toward exercise, it’s important to have a road map as a guide,” he noted.  “You may not answer the alarm clock to lose weight and feel better, that’s too vague.  But to run a 5K in Disney or to get back to your high school weight for your twenty-fifth high school reunion can be powerful motivation.”

The third technique is to choose a mantra.  “That’s a short phrase that can refocus you during times that you’re struggling with motivation,” said Hutchings.  “A phrase like ‘I am strong’ or ‘I will succeed’ can serve as a reinforcement to your mental approach and carry you through a workout or get you out the door to the gym.”

For more information about creating a mental approach to your exercise, click here

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