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Immigration Debate: The Farmer

John Teeple argues for the need for undocumented labor in a broken system

WOLCOTT, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - John Teeple is finishing up with harvest.
He and New York's other apple farmers will pick more than 30 million bushels of apples this year.
He tells me that takes 8,000 workers, many of whom will need to work 6 days a week, 8-9 hours a day.
To him, those numbers add up to one thing: the need for undocumented labor.
His perspective in the piece attached to this article has been formed through decades of working hand in hand with migrant laborers and local and federal authorities.
Teeple's tale is just one in our series on the Immigration Debate.
You can also hear the story here of a local father whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver who was living the US illegally.
We also interviewed two undocumented immigrants who are currently fighting deportation.
The Wayne Count Sheriff also offers his thoughts on this divisive issue here.

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