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IDEX Health & Science is creating high tech products and jobs at its new Optical Center of Excellence in Henrietta.

Mike Ransford, the Vice President of Operations for IDEX Health & Science, discussed the new center and new jobs Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation on News 8 at Sunrise.

“We just opened the facility in the fall,” said Ransford. “It’s a multi-year project that started really bringing together three of the fastest growing businesses within IDEX Health & Science, which all happen to be focused on optics. We had our Semrock division, which is here in Rochester, New York, where we make optical filters, high end mirrors, mostly for the Life Science industries. And then also here in Rochester we had our lens systems and imaging systems division, where we work – again – primarily with Life Science customers, but also support Semiconductor and Defense industries. And in California we had our laser division, and our laser division also does illumination systems – again – primarily in Life Sciences. So it’s really bringing together a bunch of businesses focused on the same customers all under one roof.”

Bringing all of these operations under one roof is driving job growth as well. “We are basically creating a whole new business within, so we are hiring everybody,” Ransford said. “We are right now hiring a lot of manufacturing people, a lot of engineering – all disciplines, optical, electrical, mechanical, process, quality – and even support functions, a lot of supply chain folks – IT, finance – really across the board.”

IDEX Health & Science is continuing find new applications for its technology. “It’s really a neat time in the industry right now where you have high end components, and as the components get better then the systems that use those components get better, and as those systems get better you have more applications,” explained Ransford. “In the Life Science, what has really been unique and exploding recently has been the Genomics industry. So the days when you can get your DNA sequenced right at your doctor’s office and get personalized medicine are really not that far off.”

Ransford said the primary backbone of the company is thin films, optics and imaging systems – primarily for Health Sciences. “If you look at what Rochester is known for and really the economic backbone I think we touch on a lot of that.  So it really comes down to people and I’m a big believer that business is about people. I think this investment was a tremendous pat on the back to the teams that we had here, as well as our ability – if you’re going to grow 10 or 20 percent – how do you continually bring in new talent? I think the university systems here are phenomenal, all of which have some focus on optics and imaging. The supply chain on top of that is really important. So we joke around here about coop-itition among between all of the optics companies in the region, but it’s really important from our customers standpoint. Velocity is key to our business, so having a local supply chain where we can very quickly make prototypes is really powerful.”

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