How public works crews, first responders managed first snowfall of the year

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — News 8 got access to a ride along Sunday with snowplow truck drivers in the Town of Ogden, along with updates from the Monroe County Sheriff Office on what road conditions were like out there for the first snowfall of 2022.

First responders and public works crews have started their work around 2 a.m. Sunday. The Town of Ogden had all 16 of its snowplow and salt truck drivers deployed to clear roads, while Monroe County deputies responded to more than a dozen car crashes.  

Since Sunday afternoon, Ogden Highway Department Crew Members plowed and salted more than 100 miles of road, going out three different times to clear their routes.  

“The salter controls everything right here and it’s kind of nice with the newer ones being automatic so when you stop, they stop,” said Joe Streb, Ogden Public Works. “You don’t have to worry about lacing a big pile of salt. You kind of just stay in your lane and put the plow down the yellow line.”  

Saturday’s rainfall meant for black ice on Sunday, on top of the snow that needed clearing.

“In weather like this it’s pretty much everywhere,” Streb continued. “Your main roads and secondaries are the biggest concerns. You try to get to the housing tracks as soon as we can, if it’s just icy then the bridges over up first. With this heavy snow today you couldn’t keep up with it.” 

These weather elements carried on throughout the day causing a dozen or so drivers to slide off the road and crash their cars; keeping the sheriff’s office and other first responders busy.  

“People have to remember how to drive safely again,” said Sgt. Dan Kawski. “And because of this increased snow fall just keep in mind your speed and slow down. Drive cautiously and give more time for yourself to prepare for your travels and to respond in emergencies.”  

Ideally, first responders recommend you go at least ten miles under the speed limit in conditions like these to avoid crashes. There were still some people out enjoying the snowy weather before school started again Monday. 

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