How much damage can pellet guns do?

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Sheriff’s deputies are still looking for the person or persons responsible for a string of vandalism incidents at dealerships in Henrietta that have racked up thousands of dollars in damage.

Police believe a high-powered pellet gun was used to crack windshields on vehicles and shatter windows on buildings. But what if one of those pellets hit a person?

Airsoft, pellet and BB guns may be marketed to and used by minors, but the impact that bullets from some of these kinds of guns can do major damage to property.

As we saw with the businesses  in Henrietta, the pellets do have the capacity to break showroom windows and car windshields, and some of them, could actually do some real harm if someone were shot at close range or in certain spots.

The highest powered commercially available pellet guns, we’re told, would definitely break the skin, and potentially do more damage depending on distance.

Airsoft guns, which have the lowest velocity projectiles, actually are the most restricted ones in New York State.

“Believe it or not, airsoft guns, the less harmful ones, you have to be 18 to purchase and to play with them by yourself you have to be 16 years of age,” explains Thomas  McCoy.

He adds, “The average BB gun starts around 800 feet per second and go to 1,400 like this one, this is a break barrel gun.”

He says that despite being less dangerous than real firearms, there is responsibility that comes with using and owning one.

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