ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) – Plow companies in Rochester rely on our “snowy” climate for work, but with just over a foot of snow recorded since November, the season has been off to a quiet start.

The lack of significant snow seen in Rochester so far this season has been helpful in some ways for local plowing companies, but has also brought new issues. Cofounder of Plowz and Mowz Wills Mahoney says more customers are now starting to turn to case-by-case snow removal rather than committing to a service contract due to the recent mild winters. 

“We normally expect in Rochester at least two to three snow events by now, and we’re at nothing right now, so this year in particular you know you essentially have landscapers and snow professionals that are just sitting waiting for the snow,” Wills says.

While the extra time between big snows has allowed these companies to catch up on truck maintenance and beef up their crews, the lack of snow can also present financial burdens as less demand for snow removal makes it difficult to purchase new supplies without that income.

“If it’s a heavy snowfall winter you beat up on your vehicles. Last year was the worst, everything was breaking, hoses were breaking between the cold and the heavy, wet snow. This year we’ve been grateful for the quiet start, so we didn’t have to make all those repairs and lose money that way, so we have money left over for the spring so we can buy new equipment, or parts that still need to be fixed,” Doug says.

Remember it only takes one big snowstorm to turn things around, and we still have the whole month of February to squeeze out the snow these businesses are looking for.