WEBSTER, N.Y (WROC) — A Webster teenager is being hailed a hero by her neighbors, after she witnessed a house in her neighborhood burning early Friday morning and raced over to wake up the neighbor in time. 

For 2 hours, 16-year-old Isabella Marlin and her mother were stuck in New York City as they were trying to fly back home from vacation. They eventually landed around midnight and as she was upstairs unpacking, she noticed the flames erupting from her neighbor’s roof.  

Surveillance footage from the back porch of the Marlin home captured the moment their neighbors house on Sunningdale Rise was struck by a bolt of lightning over the garage. The very same storm prevented Isabella’s flight from landing on time. But if it hadn’t, Isabella is unsure she would have been awake to spot the trouble. 

Watch the raw surveillance footage

“Probably not,” Marlin told us. “Probably would have been asleep knowing how tired I was and how late it was.” 

The fire spread above the roof by 1:20 a.m. as Isabella was upstairs unpacking. Making the inconvenience of getting home a blessing in disguise.  

“I was complaining about that but if that didn’t happen, I probably wouldn’t have been able to save him,” Marlin continued. “Because I know everyone else near him was asleep because we had to wake everyone else up.”  

After getting her parents to call 9-1-1 Isabella raced through her backyard not wearing any shoes cutting through three more yards in order to reach the burning Sunningdale Rise home. She walked us through how she did it.  

“I ran through one of my neighbor’s yards and out through the front to get there because I know there’s a fence in the back,” Marlin said. “Then I just started knocking on his door saying hey you need to get out. He was kind of like half asleep. I feel like it didn’t register to him that there’s a fire.”  

The owner Brian Sidney-Smith was unavailable to talk but gave us this statement praising Isabella’s actions saying “Isabella saved my life by noticing the fire and taking the initiative to come running to my house. She knocked on my door until I got out. I consider her my hero and am so thankful to her, my caring neighbors and the brave firefighters who worked so hard to put the fire out” 

The Marlin family’s curtesy didn’t stop there. After the scene was under control, they invited Brian into their home to sleep for the rest of the night. No one else was in the house or injured. Neighbors recount it took the Webster Fire Department only five minutes to respond. Brian is in contact with his lawyer and insurance to figure out his next move.