57 veterans have returned from their trip to Washington DC after seeing the nations memorials that were built in their honor. And for one man seeing the nation’s capital was not the only new experience.

“All I can look out and see was the top of the clouds and it looks like snow and then I had to get used to my ears popping,” said Eugene Morell.

This was 91-year-old Eugene Morell’s first time on a plane. He fought in World War II and when he went overseas it was by boat. He carried back a number of indelible memories.

“I had my harmonica and we were sitting in the back of the truck about 10 of us, someone says play a song, play a Christmas song, so I started playing Silent Night. I looked back and the guys were so sad that I started playing jingle bells and they also sang and it was really nice, we set up our guns and we were fighting on Christmas Day,” said Morell.

75 years later another trip with more memories. Honor Flight 54.

With him other veterans and his daughter. 

“I think this is the moment that is just going to be treasured by him I see him both smile in a way that I’ve never seen him before and also a lot of tears too,” said Patricia Mull.

Millie Blankenberg is 95 years old. She was the only woman amongst the 57 other veterans on this Honor Flight.

A time for them to remember he good and the bad. And a time for them to feel appreciated. As of now over 2500 veterans have made the flight.

Though this is not just a fun trip to our nation’s capital, it’s a way of giving back to our country’s bravest heroes.