A homicide investigation is underway after the Ogden Police Department and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office found a man dead in a home Sunday morning. 

This is the first homicide in more than a decade in Ogden. Residents are in shock after discovering a homicide has ripped through the quiet neighborhood of Ogden. 

“It’s just a regular quite suburban neighborhood, you know, this never happens,” said Mario Diluigi, an Ogden resident. 

“The house was for sale, someone just moved in. Kinda odd that they never cut their grass,” said Diluigi.  

The tall grass in front of 99 Forest Meadow Trail makes it stand out from other manicured lawns in the area.  

Police says they received multiple calls from neighbors of gunshot noises in the area, something that is shocking even to officers. 

“I think our last homicide was in 2001/2002 I think that’s the last time we had a homicide so yeah It’s not something that happens here very often,” said Chief of Police Christopher Mears, with the Ogden Police Department. 

They arrived on scene and found a man dead in an upstairs bedroom. He had multiple gunshot wounds. A firearm was recovered at the scene. 

Two others were in the residence when the crime occurred, police believe they are roommates of the victim.  

One of the roommates, Quinton O’Connor, had been charged with second-degree murder and was arraigned in Ogden Court earlier this afternoon.  He is currently in Monroe County jail. 

“This was pretty senseless and tragic from what we can tell. Of course, any death of this type is a tragedy but this is rather senseless and our hearts go out to those folks,” said Chief of Police Christopher Mears, with the Ogden Police Department.  

The other roommate was detained and released. Police say he’s cooperating.

A preliminary hearing will be held within 72 hours for O’Connor. Police say they are still investigating what led to the altercation.  

The identity of the victim has not been released at this time.