Homeowners, including Tom Golisano, fight ‘unfair’ assessments on Grievance Day

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Tuesday is Grievance Day and people across the state are challenging property assessments on their homes and businesses.

Irondequoit Town Hall was packed with people asking about their property values and why they went up so much.

In a crowded room, we met one man who had been living in his house his whole life and even without any change to the property, he saw the assessment go up $15,000 and is now concerned that he would not even be able to sell the house for what it’s worth.

Greg says, “I know property values have gone up, and since my house hasn’t ever been sold, I don’t ever think there’s been a true reflection of what it’s worth.”

Several of the people told News 8 they had been waiting at least 20 minutes past their scheduled appointment for that grievance, so that wait time could continue to get longer and longer as we get further into the evening.

In Ontario County, businessman Tom Golisano was at the South Bristol Town Hall to argue against his $140,000 tax bill on his property.

We caught him walking into the town hall with a goose decoy as a prop to show his frustration with the assessment of his property. He says all the geese live on his property, and the poop they create, lower the value of his home.

“I’ve never seen more than two deer on my property. But I’ve seen 200 geese on my property at one time,” complained Golisano. “And if you’ve ever walked across a lawn that’s been settled on by a group of geese you’ll understand what I’m saying. It’s actually when there’s 100 to 200 of them together that’s a real health problem because they do defecate two pounds a day.”

The board said they can sympathize with Golisano and his frustrations, but say their hands are tied because no decision can be made at these board meetings. They will meet later Tuesday afternoon and evening to discuss how they would move forward with his property.

Golisano made sure to let the board know his frustration not only with his property but with the entire process of assessments in New York State.


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