Easter took on a special meaning for the Grace Road Church in Rochester.  Their first service inside their historic new home took place on Sunday.  The congregation purchased the Temple Building on Franklin St. in downtown Rochester, located not far from the Liberty Pole.  It’s the first time in 50 years the Temple Building has housed a church. The building was  bought by the Grace Road Church, then restored and remodeled.   “You can see the end result came out beautifully,” says Wayne Green. “It was a team effort.  Electrical, plumbing, h-vac updated, antique chandeliers restored to like-new condition.  100 year old chandeliers.  It was a lot of work.”  The Temple Building was built in 1924 to house a large congregation, but it stopped being used as a worship space in the 1960’s—until now.  1000 people belong to Grace Road Church, which was begun in 2009.
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