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After learning of several students in Yates and Monroe countries falling victim to an online predator, school officials in Hilton warned parents in the district via email asking parents to take time with their children, and outline the dangers of interacting with strangers online. 

In the email, the district says this predator has created numerous social media accounts, friended students, and obtained very personal and private images. The predator then proceeded to blackmail students to provide more photos. The Hilton district provided a number of online resources to help guide parents in conversations with their kids. We spoke to residents in Hilton about the measures the school took in notifying the community. 

Christin Cady says, “You can’t really trust anybody, you know what I mean? So, knowing what your kids are doing and being a part of it and making sure they know how to do it safely I think is huge and for the school to send out stuff to the parents to know how to do that is great.”

Jeff Hibbard adds, “We hate the hear about that stuff, especially being in this community, but the world is changing and I guess we have to go after the people who are doing that.”

“It would make me very nervous, it would make me very concerned as a parent. I’d want to know what is going on,” says Yvonne Petitti.

Most know that grasping everything their children do online is an ability they can’t possess, but at least having a conversation about the dangers of online strangers is important. Scott Mykins talks to his daughter daily about it. Mykins says, “You also have to keep up on the social media stuff, too. As an older parent in their 50’s like me, that’s difficult.”

The State Police are investigating all leads in this situation. School official say if you are concerned your child has been targeted online, you should contact the Hilton School Director of Safety and Security David Inzana at 585-392-1000, ext. 7046 or dinzana@hilton.k12.ny.us.


Online resources to help talk to your kids about interating with strangers on the web:


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