A local artist is recognizing five Rochester women through a series of murals — “Her Voice Carries.” 

The murals will decorate a building in each quadrant of the city and a fifth location inside the Memorial Art Gallery. 

As you enter the parking lot of Planned Parenthood on University Avenue you are welcomed by a colorful mural, that begins with “Your body is your story” — words of activist Rachel McKibbens.

“You need your annual exam, you need to know if these excess cells are cancerous,” said McKibbens. “There are so many important things that are happening there.”

McKibbens is one of five Rochester women chosen by artist Sarah Rutherford to be featured in her art project called, “Her Voice Carries.”

“My hope is that this will be a collective thread as you travel the city, you can kind of feel both location wise and the different stories that are being told,” said Rutherford.

McKibbens is featured because she gave women of color and the LGBTQ community a place to speak freely about their life experiences.

“It’s in use every year all summer long,” said McKibbens. “I am opening up my space to women and females and gender non-conforming writers who are unsure of “am I allowed to exist?”

Memorial Art Gallery’s exhibitions coordinator Margot Muto says it’s this type of activism that reminds us why we are celebrating the centennial of the women’s suffrage movement. Inside the Memorial Art Gallery, all five women are featured. 

“If you go throughout our collection, you can see quite a few examples of women artists and I am really proud of that,” said Muto.

Rutherford will be painting at the Memorial Art Gallery through July 12. Click here to learn more about ‘Her Voice Carries.”