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A local company which helps employees be more engaged at work is getting a boost to its mission thanks to a recent acquisition.

Gregg Lederman, the Founder and CEO at Rochester based Brand Integrity, and now the President of Employee Engagement for Reward Gateway, discussed how the two companies are combining resources to help employees be more engaged Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

Reward Gateway is a global HR firm which targeted Brand Integrity to help improve its platform for employee engagement. Lederman explained what led the London based company to Rochester. “First and foremost it was our people,” he said. “We’ve got an amazing group of talented people that execute a methodology that truly does drive employee engagement. With the national averages somewhere around two-thirds of the workforce not engaged at work, we’re finding 91 percent of our clients employees are engaged at work and we know that got their attention. Something was working really well.”

Lederman said engagement is typically a measurement of how motivated and committed people are to do what’s best for their organization and the sad reality is the great majority of people in America are not engaged at work. The combined resources of Brand Integrity and Reward Gateway are prepared to help workers be more engaged. He explained, “What our clients have found is social recognition, just taking the time to use the online tools for capturing successes and sharing them in an enterprise, that truly does drive engagement which leads to better customer experiences, and then you know the better business results that come from that. So, it will be social recognition. Reward Gateway comes to the table with a great communications platform for inspiring at motivating the workforce. They also have a perks platform with over four million users on it. So together, between our social platform, our employee surveys and their perks and benefits and communication platform, it’s an amazing engagement platform for the future.”

Reward Gateway’s acquisition of Brand Integrity should lead to local growth according to Lederman. “One of the reasons we went with Reward Gateway was their commitment to the U.S. market. They’re a London based company, but they’re determined to grow here in the U.S. and they saw us as a way to do that. So growth for our people, whether it’s professional development or just new opportunities. It’s also growth for our clients. It’s interesting, when we reached out and started telling clients about this, they said ‘sounds like growth for us’ and growth for the Rochester market. They want to make Rochester the service center for the U.S. and potentially globally.”

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