ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) – Monday’s snowfall made for difficult road conditions and perhaps time delays here and there. However, if there is one thing Western New Yorkers know how to do, it’s make the most of heavy snowfall and they did exactly that.

Many folks had the day off in recognition of MLK Day, meaning locals had every opportunity to get out and play!

Umut Kocak and his pup Miles spent the day enjoying the snow at Henrietta’s dog park.  

“He just chews on the snow, he runs around in the snow, he rolls in the snow. Anything that makes my life a little bit more complicated, he likes to do and the snow is a big part of that,” Kocak said.

Cross-country skiers said the temperature, amount of snow, and sidewalk conditions are perfect for skiing. 

“This is our first ski of the season. We love exploring the city in the winter,” Skier Victoria O’Brien said.

“This is the best time to go out skiing, when it’s snow all over the sidewalks and everything and it’s open for us to ski,” Skier Rod Johnson said.

With most schools off school for the day, coming out to Ellison Park to sled was an absolute must for many families, including Juan Nunez and his kids.

“Good things about snow is it gives you time to think, time to spend time with your family and time to have fun in an element we don’t have all year round,” said Nunez.

With the amount of snow the Rochester region got, sledding isn’t the only thing you can do. 

“We like having snow fights cause we live right near each other. She ran up to me with a snowball in her hand so it’s fun to be able to do fun activities,” Charlotte from Penfield said.

If you do plan on joining in on snow-related activities, remember to allow extra time for getting wherever the adventure takes you. 

“Drive cautiously, give yourself time to stop, and pay attention,” Nunez said.

At the end of the day, most locals are content with the amount of snow we’ve gotten….for the most part.

“I think this is probably ideal for the next couple of weeks, no more please,” Kocak said.

If you are looking to get out there and play while the snow is still on the ground, Ellison Park is a great solution. The Rochester area is home to many great sledding hills like Mendon Ponds and Black Creek in Chili.