ROCHESTER, NY (WR0C)– Rain falling for hours across our area left some roads flooded and some homeowners turning on their basement pumps.

“This got to be the worse we’ve ever seen. At least I’ve ever seen,” said Rich Ponticello who was with his son Santino Ponticello at Linear Park in Penfield.

Heavy rain filling the streets in Penfield, left Parking lots sitting under water near the Panorama Plaza. Caution tape blocked off a piece road nearby that the water authority was working to fix, possibly a pipe break.

A creek at linear park was rushing with water. Neighbors in the area say they have never seen it this bad.

“We live right up on Penfield road and we noticed when we looked out the window that the creek was overflowing and decided to come down here and we just couldn’t believe what we saw. This is the absolute worse I’ve seen in in 30 or some years,” said Ponticello.

First responders were on scene briefly for the report of two men being swept underwater in Irondequoit Creek.  

Across town, officials with the Henrietta fire department was also busy, as the water left some car stranded and homeowners in need of a basement pump.

“Storm related, we received everything from a disabled vehicle that went into flood waters, to flooded basements,” said Lieutenant Brian Krywy, with the Henrietta fire district.

“Especially after a long dry period, people sub pumps haven’t kicked on in a while, then all of a sudden you get the water, and people find out their sub pumps don’t work. So that unfortunately is common,” said Lt. Krywy.