The week of February 13 is National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week.

Heart disease survivor Jean Phillips and Michele Schirano, the Administrator of the Jewish Home of Rochester, discussed how the Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program at the Jewish Home is helping patients regain their quality of life Thursday on News 8 at Noon.

“We have a service line that for folks that have a cardiac pulmonary diagnosis, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, COPD,” explained Schirano.  “From the hospital, people come in and receive physical and occupational therapy, medical management and different interventions right at the Jewish Home.”

Phillips was diagnosed with congenital heart failure in 2015.  “I was very lucky,” she said.  “I had my heart problems in the emergency room at the hospital where I spent a week, and then was sent from there to Jewish Home, and it just picked up where the hospital left off, starting me back on the process of my regular life.”

Phillips spent four weeks in the Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program at the Jewish Home of Rochester.  “The people who were administrating it brought out the right things, and with the right coaxing, and with the right smiles,” she said.  “I worked along with them and felt very comfortable.”

Upon returning home Phillips was able to resume her favorite activities.  “I was able to rejoin my bridge club group, and I did a lot of things,” she said.  “I continue with my knitting and my hand crafts and stuff like that, feeling comfortable doing it and I was just happy to be back to where I felt like I was a person again.”

Phillips’ experience exemplifies the goal of the Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program.  “It makes me feel really, really good that we could get her back to the community and a lot of other people, just with this program,” Schirano said.

For more information about the program, click here.