Healthi Kids coordinated a free play day, called “Play-Rocs,” across 12 city locations Saturday.

The goal of the healthy play day is to raise awareness for the need for safe and accessible places for kids of all ages to play in the City of Rochester.

The Maplewood Neighborhood Association’s play day featured pool noodle archery, mix and match competitions, water races, Foodlink’s curbside market and more.

“We also have a peace through play totem, in which all the kids who come today will put their mark on, in their own personal design,”  said Jini Figueroa, a community volunteer from the Maplewood Neighborhood Association. “Just really being able to have the opportunity to acknowledge the violence of the community, but also be creative in spite of.”

11 other neighborhoods, block clubs, business owners, and community organizations hosted play days across the city.