LYONS, N.Y. (WROC) — The New York State Department of Health has concluded its investigation of claims that worms were found in drink cups at the McDonald’s restaurant in Lyons.

Health department officials say that it was likely a case of tampering, rather than improper sanitation. The state health department referred the case to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, but they say the investigation has stopped.

Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts says, “The investigation is closed. (There is) no evidence that the worm in the cup actually came from McDonald’s. The complainant refused to cooperate. Investigators determined the case to be unfounded.”

Justin Confer, whose daughter found worms at the bottom of her drinking cup earlier this year, says he and his family are stepping away from the issue. He says, “we see no outcome where any form of justice will be served. Unfortunately, with the remodel of their store, there just is not a way to prove who did what. I’m grateful that it isn’t a sanitary issue, while also disgusted that someone would do this.”

McDonald’s cooperated with investigators after several complaints surfaced on social media, showing worms at the bottom of drinking cups.