Harley School’s Biomimicry Club is being honored for its solution to a global problem during a recent national competition.

They were tasked with producing a model and concept simulating nature — which can prevent the effects of climate change.

“It was a relatively speedy process of what it’s going to look like,” says Belle Sherwood. “We sort of had the basic idea and the general shape and then it got more refined until we knew this is how it’s going to fit.”

The concept is pretty simple: A root-based system would be placed out in the middle of the water reducing wave action which could cut down on erosion and save aquatic ecosystems.

“It was difficult meeting the requirements of just the design,” said Audrey Scudder. “You had to make a pitch video, written assignments and just a lot of extra stuff.”

It took hundreds of hours outside of school creating this. Their science teacher applauds them for the effort.

Vinton said, “I am very proud because it was a pilot year and none of us really knew what to expect and they did a great job of working together.”

Their concept is being nationally recognized and could help a global issue impacting our planet.