Group who vandalized Artisan Works is identified through social media

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Early Sunday morning, a group broke into Artisan Works and vandalized the premises. Using Social media the founders were able to identify who did it within an hour.

Co-founder Louis Perticone isn’t sure how they got in, but he says the whole ordeal was blatant trespassing. For the past 20 years, artisan works attracted thousands of people to their unique art gallery. 

When Perticone arrived to work today, he was told by an employee there was a problem.

“They left, not only beer cans, but they also left a timestamp of when they bought the beer at 1:30 with their debit card, real rocket scientists,” said Perticone. 

Surveillance video posted on the Artisan Works Facebook shows the group of 7 walking down a hallway carrying a case of beer. The suspects were in a newly acquired section of the old warehouse.

“They were coming in, and they were drinking throwing balls against the wall, joking laughing, basically disrespecting our building and our artwork,” said Perticone.

The founder of Artisan Works told us that the group was inside this building for a couple of hours before making their way to the roof, at which point they tossed down barrels of liquid tar.

Artisan Works contacted the police and also put a blast out on Facebook. They say within the hour the post had reached 43,000 people and been shared 14,000 times.

“Sent this video out through social media, while we’re waiting for the police to come and within 1 hour we had everybody in that video identified,” said Perticone.

Through anonymous tips, Artisan Works was able to identify all 7 in the video and turn those names over to police.

“What’s the lesson, in this town, don’t do anything wrong, especially at Artisan Works because we had an outpouring of support,” said Louis Perticone, Co-founder Artisan Works.

The founder was surprised by the outpour of support from the community for the business, saying it was all social media that helped them solve this case.

Artisan Works told us they did contact police, handed over the names and they will file a report. Perticone is seeking reimbursement for the damage. Rochester police confirmed that nothing was stolen and there is an ongoing investigation. 

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