CHILI, N.Y. (WROC) — At a press event Monday, Greenlight Networks, a prominent provider of fiber optic Internet in the Greater Rochester Area, announced they will be bringing service to thousands of more homes in the Town of Chili.

Greenlight, now in its twelfth year, describes this move as “major infrastructure and investment” as they add fiber optic lines in the town, estimating that 6,000 households will be available for service.

The Town of Chili says that their Fire Department, Company 2, will be housing the equipment of the ISP, and in return, the fire department will receive free Internet from Greenlight across their companies.

“We have watched the evolution of Internet services, and Greenlight certainly is at the forefront of technology today, and bringing a quality product to our residents, at quite frankly an affordable price,” said Town of Chili supervisor David Dunning. “I’ve watched the construction crews out there and the work that they do, and they are very respectful to our neighbors, they’re treating our properties well.”

This also follows an expansion of Frontier Fiber into the same town this September.