Greece grandma says heirloom jewelry stolen after furniture delivery, wants to warn others

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GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — Grace Coley was a big fan of Value City Furniture. Last month, she ordered a new bed, dresser, bedside table, and a mirror. 

“I’ve been shopping with them for years. I actually love the furniture. It’s good-quality furniture,” she says.

But she says when it came time for delivery, something was off. “So they came in a truck, it (didn’t) have ‘Value City’ marked on it,” she says. Although they were wearing Value City shirts, she thinks this might have been a second or third-party company hired to do the job.

Coley, a psychiatric nurse, says one of the delivery guys acted oddly. “When they were getting ready to leave, he just seemed anxious, irritable and he was sweaty.”

Suspicious, Coley went to go check things. She says she found numerous pieces of diamond and gold family jewelry missing.

“I flipped out, I started calling them, I called Value City,” she said demanding that the delivery truck be sent back. She says the store told her, “it will do no good” because if they did take anything “they’ve probably already gotten rid of it,” Coley says of the conversation.

Coley then called the Greece Police Department. She says they eventually discovered the jewelry was brought to a local pawn shop and melted down. Greece Police did confirm this case is still active and under investigation, but will not release further details.

“They did a thorough investigation and I have to give credit to the Greece Police Department for their diligence and for them believing me when I told them my jewelry was stolen,” says Coley.

Coley says she’s telling her story to alert others. “What about all those vulnerable people out there (who) don’t realize their stuff is gone?” She says the movers still had to make ten more deliveries after her, just on that day alone.

And from Value City, Coley says she has gotten no answers. “I got no ‘I’m sorry’ from Value City, no ‘what can we do to help?’

News 8 did reach out to Value City’s Greece store, the manager there said he would not talk about the complaint and said “no comment”. News 8 also reached out to their corporate offices. We have yet to hear back. 

While Coley says the detective with Greece Police might be closing in on an arrest, she still wants answers. “That doesn’t make up for the trauma I went through, me being violated in my own home,” she says.

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