Greece bomb plot suspect expressed anti-Muslim sentiments on Twitter account

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A social media account for bomb plot suspect Vincent Vetromile shows the suspect espoused anti-Muslim sentiments online before police say he was involved with a plot to attack a Muslim community in upstate New York.

Vetromile was one of four people arrested in Greece over the weekend after police said an investigation that started with a tip at Greece Odyssey led officers to uncovering the plot.

Police say 19-year-old Vetromile, 18-year-old Andrew Crysel, 20-year-old Brian Colaneri and a 16-year-old minor plotted to attack the hamlet of Islamberg in Delaware County.

Officers say they found three homemade bombs along with 23 firearms during a search of homes. Now, FBI and ATF agents are investigating the case. The suspects are currently charged with criminal possession of  a weapon and conspiracy.

A Twitter account, that contains photos of Vetromile along with other documents, espoused extremist views about Muslims online, years before police say the plot began.

The bio for the account, @xXrebel1Xx, reads “nothing short of a revolution can fix this mess of a nation.”

In a tweet last July, Vetromile targeted Muslims and liberals in a list:

“Why do Muslims and libs get along? They have so much in common!

-hate America
-want to destroy everyone who doesn’t think just like them
-Disgusted by the idea of eating pork
-pretend to care about minority rights
-blame Christians for all their problems
-terrorize innocents.”

Responding to a tweet from a conservative blog site, that referenced a statement by an imam, Vetromile wrote that the comment was a “good reason to get rid of all the muslims.”

In another tweet, as part of a thread on terrorism in 2016, Vetromile writes, “We have a cease fire and what’s happened? More terrorist attacks. KILL THEM ALL and nobody will be left to attack us.”

When questioned by another user about the morality of killing millions of people, including children, Vetromile responded: “Kids have been shown to be terrorists too and have killed our people. the Koran tells them to kill us so they’re all GUILTY.”

Wednesday, leaders of Islamberg blamed Islamaphobia, fostered by online conspiracies, for putting their hamlet in the cross hairs.

“Islamaphobia has proven to be a lucrative business, a business that trades in hate and produces terrorists, bent on executing their nefarious plots to destroy Muslims,” said Muslims of America CEO Hussein Adams. “The misuse of social media and the internet to spread lies has plagued the community of Islamberg and all the TMOA (The Muslims of America) locations for well over a decade.”

Adams says some online figures have used the internet to exploit Islamaphobia for a profit, in turn putting his residents at risk.

Islamberg leaders also questioned why the suspects are not facing charges for terrorism. Greece police tell us those charges would have to be made at the federal level. In a statement to News 8, federal investigators say they are reviewing the case, adding a grand jury will ultimately decide on if charges are filed.

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