ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A grand jury has decided to not indict a man on voter fraud charges.

Jalil Muntaqim was in prison for nearly 50 years for his role in the murder of two New York City officers.

He was facing felony charges for registering to vote last October after he was released from prison. A Monroe County grand jury declined to indict Muntaqim last week. The case is now sealed.

Muntaqim is also a community organizer with Citizen Action of New York.

In February, upon the grand jury’s decision to not charge the police officers involved in the death of Daniel Prude, Muntaqim released the following statement.

“There was enough evidence to support arresting a formerly incarcerated person who attempted to vote, but in a moment where the world was watching, a grand jury failed to hold officers accountable for the brutal killing we all saw on camera. It has been said by many that ‘a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich’ if the District Attorney so pleased. When such an obvious example of state-funded harm is inflicted with no consequences, it gives the impression that the state approves of the officers’ behavior. Does this verdict reflect the state’s values on police accountability? 

Despite the grand jury’s decision not to indict those officers, we know this incident is even more egregious than murder – it is a clear indictment of the entire system of policing and justice in our country that targets and criminalizes Black people. 

For Daniel to have been killed in a state that has the resources to provide needed care to those facing mental health crises is unforgivable. State and local elected officials need to invest in the infrastructure for non-police responses to emergencies and service providers that see our humanity.”