NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. (WETM)- In a virtual address delivered to three New York churches on Sunday, Governor Andrew Cuomo reassured all New Yorkers, particularly those in communities hardest hit by COVID-19, that the vaccine is safe and will save lives.

The address builds on the Governor’s commitment to equity in vaccine distribution, bringing it to communities that do not have access to traditional healthcare institutions by using churches and public housing, among other locations. 

Cuomo announced that the Mount Olivet Baptist Church on Adams Street will serve as a pop-up vaccination site on Monday.

Cuomo announced that community vaccination kits will be deployed to eight additional New York churches to further strengthen fairness and equity in the vaccine distribution process. As with the pop-up sites established last weekend, these sites will be re-established in three weeks to administer second doses. Last week, New York successfully piloted the deployment kits to five NYCHA senior housing developments and eight churches and cultural centers where nearly 4,200 seniors and eligible New Yorkers received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Following this weekend’s deployments and as the federal vaccine supply increases, New York will continue to be deploy these kits until pop-up sites have been established at all 33 NYCHA Senior Housing Developments which house more than 7,600 seniors. Pop-up locations will also be established at other public housing complexes statewide, as well as at more than 300 churches and cultural centers which have volunteered to house these sites through Cuomo’s Vaccine Equity Task Force.