BROCKPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — SUNY Brockport is reversing course on a name change that took place more than a decade ago.

The school was known as SUNY Brockport for its entire existence — up until 2007, when the institution changed its formal name to “The College at Brockport.”

The College at Brockport had a decent run, but for many students, both past and present, it was always colloquially recognized as SUNY Brockport.

According to a SUNY Brockport press release:

Last fall, the College undertook a market research survey of prospective undergraduate students, the parents of prospective undergraduate students, and prospective graduate students. The intention of the market analysis was to review recruiting potential undergraduate and graduate students, Brockport’s name recognition downstate, and how closely the College is identified with SUNY.

What was gleaned from the survey, which included participants from across New York State, was the strength of the SUNY brand and an overall lack of awareness of the connection between Brockport and SUNY.

The results showed that 61 percent of those surveyed weren’t sure of the relationship between The College at Brockport and SUNY, and 10 percent were sure there was no affiliation. The same survey respondents had an 81 percent positive impression of SUNY schools. Most respondents referred to the college as SUNY Brockport (45 percent) or simply Brockport (48 percent); none of them referenced us as The College at Brockport.”

So there you have it; SUNY Brockport is back.

Officially, the College at Brockport name will be phased out in July, according to the press release.