Golisano Children’s Hospital’s donor breast milk program helps moms, babies in need

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As National Breastfeeding Month wraps up, Golisano Children’s Hospital and its NICU babies have something to celebrate. The hospital’s breast milk program is helping many premature babies in our area.

Kristen Nystrom says, “They needed the best that they could get and I couldn’t give it to them.”

Kristen Nystrom is unable to produce breast milk for her twins, Noah and Logan, due to medical issues of her own. Her doctor recommended Golisano Children’s Hospital donor  breast milk program which has benefited her babies tremendously. But in the beginning she says it was a struggle.

“It’s extremely unsettling and you don’t know for one minute to the next what can happen,” says Nystrom. “You leave and go home for the night and one’s back on oxygen. You just don’t know.”

Noah and Logan were in the NICU for nearly a 100 days receiving donated breast milk. It has improved their health significantly.

“Watching them everyday and watching them grow and just like they would grow if they were inside of me, is absolutely incredible,” says Nystrom.

Doctors at Golisano Children’s Hospital say the program has been so successful, many babies were able to leave the NICU sooner than planned — Noah and Logan included.

Dr. Jeff Meyers tells us “It’s really exceeded our expectations around the benefits. One of the benefits is decrease in the risk in what we call NEC.”

“These guys came home as if they were brand new, newborn babies, no tubes, no wires, no anything; healthy as can be,” says Nystrom. “I really do believe the program really did help that.”

Kristen is so thankful for the program, she recommends it to other mothers who are in her position. Since the program launched in November of 2017, more than 100 babies have been provided donor breast milk. We’re told the NICU team has seen a significant reduction in NEC.

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