Go Fund Me created for Good Samaritan who died saving a boy in Irondequoit Bay

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“He’s going to be terribly, terribly missed,” said Susan Plunkett. 

Plunkett, Owner of Susan Plunkett’s Fabulous Foods, is shocked by Jason Sigelow’s sudden death yesterday afternoon. She met Sigelow nearly 12-years-ago when she hired him to work for her catering business in Henrietta. 

“I found Jason to be a very very special person. I found Jason to be as kind as anybody I’ve ever met. I found him to be the best father, I think of anyone I’ve ever known, that cared so much about his children and did the best job,” said Plunkett. 

Sigelow is being called by many as a good Samaritan, better yet, a hero after what he did. The incident happened Saturday Afternoon near the end of the pier on Irondequoit Bay. Sigelow saw the little boy struggling to stay afloat in the water and that’s when he jumped in and swam about 40 to 50 yards out to save the little boy. He brought the boy back to shore safely and he returned at the pier. He later died shortly after that incident. 

“One of our officers immediately began giving CPR to the unresponsive male until EMS arrived. Everyone worked very diligently and frantically to try and revive this man,” said Sgt. Jim Reed, Irondequoit Police Department. 

Reed said Sigelow saved the 10-year-old in the water. Others managed to save the other boy who was nine. Sigelow’s heroics came as no surprise to those who knew him best. 

“He was so selfless and caring of other people so to think that was his initial reaction, was to jump in…it made sense,” said Elyssa Rossi. 

For now, both Plunkett and Rossi say they want to honor and celebrate the good times they had with Sigelow. They believe it will be the driving force that will help them move forward while keeping him in their hearts. 

Jason leaves behind two young kids. A Go Fund Me has been created for his family. Click here for more. 

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