Geva Theatre will present “The Lake Effect” February 2-19 in Rochester.

Actors Neimah Djourabchi, who portrays Vijay, and Lipica Shah, who portrays Priya, discussed the play Wednesday on News 8 at Noon.

“It takes place during a lake effect snow storm, but in Cleveland, not Rochester,” said Shah.  “But I feel like people here will be very familiar with that atmosphere.”

The actors portray siblings in the play.  “I feel like the play is best summarized by one of the characters lines where he says – as children we don’t ever want to see our parents as human – and so it is the story of a brother and sister trying to understand the humanness and the humanity of their parents, and also working through some sibling rivalry and stuff like that as well,” said Djourabchi.

The story unfolds inside the family restaurant.  “It’s like discovering all of these secrets about your family after they’re gone, so you have the elements of nostalgia, and you have elements of the jealousy and the rivalry that have been there through the ages, and then new discoveries that are made,” Shah said.  “There are so many different relationships beneath the surface of any family whether it’s sibling and sibling, or younger and older, parents, child.  There are so many different relationships and dynamics that I feel like everybody will be able to relate to.”

Djourabchi added, “Oftentimes I feel like we have these hard set ideas about our family members and who they are, and then sometimes you learn bits of information about them that kind of contradict that, and so you have to reconcile this concept of who you thought your dad was or your sister was with the reality of the human that you’re sitting in front of.”

To see how the story plays out, get your tickets by calling (585) 232-GEVA or click here.