UPDATE (12/25):

Genesee County officials have announced that the state of emergency put in place has been lifted. The travel ban for certain areas of Genesee County has been downgraded to a travel advisory.

As a reminder, Genesee County officials say a travel advisory “means that no unnecessary travel is advised, and a trip which could wait until the advisory is lifted should not be made.”

UPDATE (12/24):

Certain areas of Genesee County are placed on either a travel ban or travel advisory, according to the Genesee County officials.

A travel ban remains in effect for:

  • Alabama
  • Oakfield
  • Elba
  • Pembroke
  • Darien
  • Batavia
  • Alexander

The areas that have been downgraded to a travel advisory are:

  • Byron
  • Bergen
  • Bethany
  • LeRoy
  • Stafford
  • Pavilion

As a reminder, a travel ban means no travel for anyone except emergency vehicles which includes police, ambulance, snow plows, fire, etc. A travel advisory means that no unnecessary travel is advised.

They also say that emergency service providers are still in the process of attempting to clear vehicles that became stranded overnight.


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A state of emergency was declared on Thursday in Genesee County due to “blizzard-like conditions”, according to the Genesee County Manager.

The Genesee County Sheriff says they are upgrading their previously issued travel advisory to a travel ban for all of Genesee County until further notice. They say this means travel is only allowed for emergency vehicles such as police, fire, ambulance, and snowplows.

“For your safety and the safety of first responders and highway snow removal personnel this holiday weekend, please stay off the roads until conditions improve,” Genesee Sheriff Sheron said.

The state of emergency and travel ban follows current blizzard conditions in which the blowing and drifting of snow is causing zero visibility. Genesee County officials say that there are currently multiple accidents and stranded vehicles blocking roadways and causing unsafe driving conditions.